To Collect:

In this work, I act as both as creator and curator. I make and arrange collections inspired by objects. Many of these objects become re-contextualized or are rendered useless in the process. A number of pieces I create are doomed constructions from the beginning: their purpose is both bizarre and redundant. With this aesthetic I am portraying the experience of a hoarder, whose collections cannot truly be appreciated because of the environment in which they are contained. These objects lose their intended function and transform into a kind of domestic, ritualistic wallpaper.

I am attracted to objects that make me feel better: better finances, better form, better function. My collection of bank envelopes helps me to feel more fiscally responsible, or at least makes me feel like I’ve been in contact with a lot of money. Because this work is about the collection, I truly feel as though I am getting to know the objects better. In creating over 50 envelope drawings, I am courting the bank envelope. Drawing-by-drawing, I learn intimate details about these slivers of paper. Through osmosis, repetition, or magic, I hope to have a better understanding of handling money.

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