Recent Works:

"Anywhere but here; Anyone but you." (series of 17) 2016 Gouache, acrylic paint, white charcoal pencil on clipboards.

Anywhere but Here, Anyone but You focuses on the ruins and resurgence of my inner life following divorce. The stark images against surreal nighttime skyscapes embody a spectral graveyard setting for one life ending and the rest of my life beginning. Just as my first year post-divorce was simultaneously rich with grief at the loss of one life and the slow healing swell of rebuilding, Anywhere but Here examines the beauty of interplay between materials and concept, minimalism and turmoil. Gouache, chalk, and paint collide on repurposed clipboard base, the lines and borders organically embodying scenes from my Midwest travels. These materials dictate form and composition according to the viewer’s perspective. Their interplay creates life within the panels.

Encapsulating difficult transition, the images of Anywhere but Here, Anyone but You reveal moments of spontaneous beauty blossoming from the skeletons of loss.

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