If Found, Please Return

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  • Book: A written or printed work of fiction or non-fiction usually on sheets of paper fastened or bound together within covers; a set of rules, conventions or standards; a number of sheets of blank or ruled paper bound together for writing, recording business transactions etc.; a set of written, printed or blank pages fastened along one side and encased between protected covers; the Bible. (Random House Online)

In If Found, Please Return, I question what constitutes a book by scanning the pages of my blank sketchbook and recording information onto the flat surface of the printout. This method frees me up to work spontaneously and intuitively, the way I do in my actual sketchbooks. In this body of work I have displayed all 112 pages for simultaneous viewing in order to create an open book in space. The pages vary in content, but all contain combinations of visual and textual elements. They point back (both conceptually and concretely) to my own life and art-making process. This “book” allows me to explore issues ranging from the nature of biography, autobiography, and self-portraiture to the limits of narrative, reading, and authenticity.

The title If Found, Please Return stems from the phrase I scrawl on the inside covers of all of my sketchbooks, which I follow with my name, address, and telephone number. My hope, of course, is that if I ever lose a book and someone finds it, he or she will kindly return it to me. However, in its present context, separated from my contact information, the title operates more ambiguously - pointing not only to the lost and found of memory and self-making but to the relationship between the artist/writer and her viewer/readers. 

*only the first 20 drawings from this series presented here.

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