Flowers for my funeral; mixed media collage series 2019

In addition to a playful exploration of material and technique, this collage series began as a method for Hollis to process feelings of anxiety about current world events. Dotted on the landscape of suburban sprawl, Flowerama shops stand as serene oases of sentimentality and warm-heartedness. In a world often seeming hopelessly commoditized and terrorized, these shops are a marketplace for tightly-bundled packages of humanistic grasps for affection and understanding through life's milestones: birth, love, congratulations, funerals. Enthusiastically employing collage, illustration, and gloss-glazing technique, these works combine memory and yearning in a synthesis of emotion and technique. While traveling, Hollis noticed Flowerama shops in city after city; each with similar hopeful branding and merchandise; each with its own landscaping and environment. She works to marry the viewer's collective memory and nostalgia with observed landscapes, transferring memory while representing the individualized dignity of each location and its invisible but inevitable patrons.

While the world often feels as if it is breaking apart, Flowers for my funeral showcases the small ways and small locations where humans still gather to buy and share their feelings.

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