Children Live Here; US Child Migrant Detainee Camps; mixed media collages, 2019.

In many ways, the techniques first explored with Flowers for my funeral found their fruition in Children Live Here. Extremely disturbed by images of migrant children separated from their parents and housed in detention centers at the US's southern border, Hollis employed similar gauche and glazing techniques to combine them with her own son's drawings and paintings. She strove to highlight the hopes and dreams of the children held in these centers, their innocence and potential choked by the walls and barbed wire containing them.

Regardless of legal status, these detainees are children. Hollis' stark contrast between her son's childhood wonder and these boys' and girls' day-to-day reality demands a self-evaluation. If these walls and gates render a child's dreams unreachable, how do they implicate those holding the keys?

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